(September 15, 2016) – Insurance industry coalition ID Federation — creator of the SignOn Once federated identity system for streamlined and secure access to systems of multiple business partners — has added three new members to its board of directors, bringing total board membership to 13 insurance professionals:

Danny Blood, ID Federation Board of Directors

Danny Blood, Chief Technology Officer & Chief Engineer, Boston Software

Blood is a technologist who has been designing, developing and leading software projects in the insurance industry his entire professional career, first at Agency One and since 1997 at Boston Software. An ACORD Certified Expert (ACE) for Property and Casualty who has leveraged ACORD data standards for more than 20 years, Blood is an expert in software development, agency-carrier interface, independent agency workflows, real-time rating and data integration.

Andrew Martin, ID Federation Board of Directors

Andrew Martin, Vice President, IT Applications Insurance Finance & Distribution, Liberty Mutual

Martin, with a background in technology architecture and delivery with Safeco and Accenture, has developed capabilities for the independent insurance agency channel with Liberty Mutual. His technical background has helped shape Liberty Mutual’s automation offerings for its agency distribution business partners.

Peggy Mongar, ID Federation Board of Directors

Peggy Mongar, Marketing Consultant, EMC Insurance Companies

Mongar is a 16-year insurance industry professional, including nine years of leadership as an agency manager with Brown-McNerney-Johnson Insurance Agency in West Des Moines, Iowa. She is experienced in providing agents with workflow opportunities to enhance their ease of doing business.

ID Federation is seeking insurance carriers and solution providers to:
1) Join ID Federation. Information is available at SignOnOnce.org or by contacting info@SignOnOnce.org.
2) Implement SignOn Once.
3) Complete certification as a SignOn Once carrier or solution provider.

SignOn Once uses security technology to authenticate each user’s identity among multiple insurance systems. It is designed to offer greater security protection and ease of use than the long-standing process of using a different password to enter each insurance carrier system.

About ID Federation: ID Federation Inc., formed in in December 2011, is a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization. Its mission is promoting information security and identity management for trusted transactions across the financial services and insurance industries for purposes that include reducing transaction friction, lowering cost and bolstering independent agent access.

ID Federation created SignOn Once as a standard for a secure identity system based on each user’s distinct credentials. SignOn Once grew out of collaboration by insurance professionals within the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America’s ACT (Agents Council for Technology), the Real Time/Download Campaign, ACORD, technology user groups and other communities. These professionals aimed to create a safe and standard way to secure technology authentication for as many parties as possible in the insurance industry.


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