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A single, sign-in solution

ID Federation Posts Information Video

ID Federation Announces Vertafore’s Certification to Offer SignOn Once to Agents

Industry Coalition ID Federation, Creator of SignOn Once, Names 3 to Board of Directors

ACT Newsletter:  Welcome to ACT – SignOn Once—Sounds Nice, Doesn’t It! (July 2015)

NetVU News Flash: Industry Coalition ID Federation, Creator of SignOn Once, Names 3 to Board of Directors (July 2 2015)

News Release: Industry Coalition ID Federation Names 3 to Board of Directors

Industry Coalition ID Federation Names Alicia Rawnsley Business Chair (April 28, 2015) — Read more.

News Release: Industry Coalition ID Federation Names Alicia Rawnsley Business Chair

Alicia Rawnsley Business Chair, ID Federation

Alicia Rawnsley
Business Chair, ID Federation

(April 27, 2015) – Insurance industry coalition ID Federation — creator of the SignOn Once standard for streamlined and secure access to systems of multiple business partners — named Alicia Rawnsley, ARM, CCMP, as business chair for the organization. Read more

Just Say No to Passwords (Jan. 22, 2015) — For the insurance industry … an evolution in data security is taking place, thanks to the ID Federation, a nonprofit industry coalition formed in 2011 to take the sticky notes out of password management. In fact, its purpose is to “remove the need for IDs and passwords [entirely] while improving security and ease of doing business,” according to the ID Federation’s website. Read more

Insurance Industry Undertakes Initiative for Password Management, Increased Security (Nov. 19 2014) — Think about the number of username/password credentials you have for every on-line account you access and bills you pay, your social media platforms, and the apps you access. It becomes one big headache to remember each credential, especially when you begin changing some of them and not others. Now think about your agency and your staff and the plethora of credentials that exist to access your agency management system and the carriers with which you partner. Think of all the passwords to keep track of, to change, to add for new employees and deactivate once an employee leaves – it’s quite daunting and time consuming. Read more

So Long, Passwords: New Identity Management Solution for Insurance Industry

The independent agent channel of the insurance business indeed has a new choice: A streamlined, common system for identity management that allows business partners to stop spending so much time and money on passwords. Read more

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere

National Underwriter P&C (October 2014) — The ID Federation has created an identity management standard that securely accesses multiple carrier platforms through the agency’s management system. Launched in May, SignOn Once is available now for carrier implementation. It provides users with a unique username, which is certified for authenticity and used to access participating carriers’ and vendor’s websites. Read more

Power Play: Empowering Agents With the Latest Tech Tools

PropertyCasualty360 (October 1, 2014) — The ID Federation has created an identity management standard that securely accesses multiple carrier platforms through the agency’s management system. Launched in May, SignOn Once is available now for carrier implementation. It provides users with a unique username, which is certified for authenticity and used to access participating carriers’ and vendors’ websites. Read more

Empowered: Agents in good position to demand more tech tools from carriers / National Underwriter P&C (October 1, 2014) — “Agencies need to reinforce the problems and security risks that multiple IDs and passwords cause,” says Brian Bartosh, principal at Top O’Michigan Insurance in Alpena, Mich. and Applied Client Network representative for the ID Federation, an industry coalition that promotes information security and identity management. “Agencies need to be vocal. Carriers don’t see the number of passwords we use.” Read more

A Partnership of Convenience

ITA Pro Magazine Sept 2014 p21

ITA Pro Magazine (September 2014) — “The best answer thus far, according to [Ron] Berg [of Agents Council for Technology] comes from ID Federation in the form of a product called SignOn Once.” Read more starting on p. 21 of the digital edition of ITA Pro

Getting the Password Monkey Off the Industry’s Back

Rough Notes Magazine (September 2014) — “How many of you have staff who have launched a real time quoting session, only to discover that the password for one of the carriers they are trying to quote has expired? Wow, that’s a lot of hands!” Read more starting on p. 164 of the digital edition of Rough Notes)

Standards Turn Foes into Friends

ITA Pro (August 12, 2014) — “… the latest effort—single sign-on for agencies—appears to be gaining momentum.” Read more

Single Sign-on Viewed as Biggest Tech Challenge for Agencies

ITA Pro (August 4, 2014) — Independent insurance agencies face significant challenges, particularly when it comes to technology, but the biggest voice for agencies facing technology issues believes single sign-on for carrier websites is the biggest issue facing these insurers.

Ron Berg, executive director of the Agency Council on Technology, points out it is not just an agency issue, though. Single sign-on offers great benefits to carriers as well, in the form of fewer password/ID calls from agencies. Read more

How Agents Can Help Make SignOn Once A Reality

NetVU News Flash (August 1, 2014) — SignOn Once — a new standard to identify management from industry coalition ID Federation — was unveiled in May 2014. It will allow agency staff to use one sign-on to securely access of multiple carrier business partners. Read more

Insurance Trade Media Coverage of the Launch of SignOn Once in May 2014:

Singular Sensation

Independent Agent Magazine (July 2014) — A new initiative could eliminate the need for multiple log-ins and passwords. (Article available in the July 2014 print edition of Independent Agent.)

For Better Security, Keep Password Policies Simple

Insurance & Technology (June 11, 2014) — Let’s start with an experiment: Count how many passwords you enter into web services each day for your personal use. You probably rattle off a list of passwords for email accounts, social networks, utility payment sites, and any number of fringe applications. Read more

Plethora of Passwords A Persistent Problem

Big ‘I’ Insider Newsletter (Spring 2014) — As insurance carriers rolled out web-based underwriting and service systems beginning in the 1990s, user IDs and passwords were the best way for agency employees and producers to securely identify themselves. Read more

ACORD Live: Gray Nester of ID Federation Board of Directors

ACORD TV (May 16, 2014) — How do we fight the war on passwords and create a more secure environment? Gray Nester, ID Federation board member, talks with Greg Maciag, ACORD president and CEO. View video

New Technology Could End Multiple Log-In Nightmare (May 30, 2014) — Ever wish you could access all carrier websites and agency platforms with one single login? Good news: Thanks to the ID Federation’s SignOn Once initiative, that could be a reality within a year or two. Read more

SignOn Once: Industry Coalition ID Federation Launches Tool For Secure Access to Multiple Carrier Sites

ID Federation News Release (May 5, 2014) — The insurance industry today began clearing the clutter of “sticky notes” with passwords on monitors everywhere, as industry coalition ID Federation Inc. introduced a software tool for securely accessing multiple insurance websites with a single sign-on. Read more

Single Sign-on Brings Aronson Agency More Productivity, Security (September 3, 2013) — Steven Aronson believes there are two levels of productivity that the use of a single sign-on solution can bring to independent insurance agencies such as Aronson Insurance, where he serves as president. Read more

Technology: Paring Passwords

Rough Notes (March 2013) — The ID Federation is making progress in streamlining ID and password management. Read more

ASCnet, NetVU Join Password Group ID Federation (August 20, 2012) — The two largest insurance agency management systems’ users groups in North America, NetVU (Network of Vertafore Users) and ASCnet (Applied Systems Client Network), have joined the ID Federation as liaison members. The ID Federation is a non-profit collaborative working to provide common legal and technical standards that will eliminate the need for individual agency IDs and passwords and, at the same time, increase security and ease of doing business throughout the insurance distribution chain. Read more

Insurers Can Solve Agent Password Complexity Through ID Federation

Insurance & Technology (July 16, 2012) — Independent agents offer lots of value to consumers, but this choice comes with the complexity of managing many passwords and protocols. Here’s how one group is working to change that.

For all the benefits, the Federation has a clear focus. We’re not a transaction clearing house. Our role is to generate standards and help chart the course for the industry adoption of a uniform approach. There are some centralized services, such as a metadata repository and a Federation best practice Wiki, but it is ultimately our vision that, upon broad industry federation adoption, the entity could be dissolved and its functions subsumed into some other industry, not-for-profit enterprise(s). Read more

ID Federation Draws Closer to Solving Password Problem

Insurance & Technology (May 16, 2012) — Late last year, Progressive marketing process manager Jim DeVito talked about joining an ID Federation that was working to solve the problem of password proliferation at insurance agencies. The goal of the group, which contains representatives from the insurer, vendor and agency communities, is to create a framework for single sign-on so agents aren’t juggling dozens of passwords, each with different conventions and expiration dates. Read more

Progressive Ponders Portal Password Problem

Insurance & Technology (December 19, 2011) — As the debate whether agent portals or agency management systems are the most convenient way for agents to write business rages, Progressive’s Jim DeVito discusses how he’s working on a related issue: the alphabet soup of portal passwords. Read more

See the SignOn Once page on the Agents Council for Technology website.