Just Ask for It

Seamless Connection

SignOn Once was created solely to benefit agencies. With no effort on your part, the process becomes part of your workflow.

What do you need to do? Just contact your carriers and solution providers, and let them know you want them to implement SignOn Once. Tell them it will make them easier for you to do business with. The real implementation work is done by your carriers and solution providers, who want to streamline communication so you can spend valuable time selling insurance and servicing clients.

Download and customize this message to your carriers and solution providers.

With SignOn Once, you have a seamless, secure connection to other insurance professionals without having to input a different password every time you interact. Every day, when you collaborate with carriers, wholesalers, retailers, underwriters, adjusters and others, you enter a single password, establish a secure online interface, and get on with business. One and done. Doesn’t get any easier than that.

For more information about SignOn Once, explore this website. You might start with how and why we committed to developing a single sign-on process.