People of ID Federation


ID Federation is the non-profit coalition that promotes identity management and information security for trusted transactions in the insurance and financial services industries.

Board of Directors
ID Federation directors are agents, brokers, carriers and solution providers —industry leaders who volunteer their time and expertise because they understand the security demands and daily communication needs of everyone involved in insurance transactions.

Board Responsibilities

  • To govern ID Federation activities, ensuring equal representation for all tiers of the insurance community so necessary technical specifications and business and legal requirements are delivered.
  • To participate across the Harmonization Committee and three working committees — business, legal and technical.

Harmonization Committee
This committee ensures that issues are addressed holistically whenever business, technical or legal requirements touch more than one working committee. The Harmonization Committee includes chairpersons from the three working committees along with a designated Harmonization Chair.

Working Committees

  • Committee involvement is open to all involved in ID Federation. All committees have participants who represent carriers, solution providers and user group associations that are members of ID Federation.
  • The Business Committee manages administration, membership and marketing duties.
  • The Technical Committee oversees specifications and certification requirements.
  • The Legal Committee handles contractual agreements related to membership and certification, as well as any other organization decisions requiring legal counsel.


Organizations and individuals participate at membership levels suited to their role in the industry and their progress in the certification process for SignOn Once.

VTM Group

ID Federation is driven by volunteer insurance professionals and managed by VTM Group, a management services firm.

Also, ID Federation consults with Dazza (Daniel) Greenwood of Greenwood serves as Trust Framework architect for SignOn Once and assists with insurance and financial services. Greenwood also focuses on federated identity solutions, framework, governance and online security for other industries and audiences.