One Password. Multiple Benefits

Agencies and carriers consistently rank password management as their No. 1 pain point in daily operations.

  • Up to 75% of help-desk calls are from employees who forgot or need to reset a password.
  • Password resets can cost up to $150 per incident in labor due to lost productivity.
  • Every month, 25% of employees forget three or more passwords.
  • To remember passwords, 60% of people rely on memory, and 30% use sticky notes, a computer document or spreadsheet or “other” means — all of which pose a security nightmare.

The time agencies spend managing credentials for carriers, solution providers and other business partners could be time better invested in sales and service.

The independent agency distribution channel needs a password solution to maintain and grow market share, while also providing greater security and protection.

We need a single solution that serves everyone.

SignOn Once is that solution.

Industry Coalition to the Rescue

ID Federation includes representatives from carriers, solution providers, industry associations and agencies. Everyone’s involvement supports our effort to:

  • Provide an easy, secure means of limiting the proliferation of IDs and passwords necessary to do business in the insurance industry.
  • Ensure this technology works for the entire independent agency service chain.

And because we’re a nonprofit organization focused on overall industry welfare, our solution is:

  • Secure.
  • Easy to implement.
  • Designed with standard specifications to accommodate implementation differences among carriers, solution providers and other business partners.
  • Created with the technical and legal perspectives of each industry segment represented.

Find out how your organization can join the cause.