Industry Challenge: To Limit the Proliferation of IDs and Passwords to do Business

Welcome to our identity federation site which is currently undergoing a redesign! Stay tuned for the unveiling early in 2014.

Our insurance and financial services industries require many interactions among business entities, vendors, intermediaries, and our customers.  A challenge to our industry (as well as others) was to limit the proliferation of IDs and passwords necessary to complete our electronic business relationships.  Born out of this need came identity federation, a secure and standard way for authentication to occur and inter-operate as an industry.

Our initial core team is currently in the process of defining these business, legal and  technical standards.  This site will house many resources relevant to our efforts and also a venue for the greater population to connect with our community.

Our Mission

We will provide our industry common legal and technical standards which will remove the need for IDs and passwords while increasing security and the ease of doing business with one another.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Increase ease of doing business in our industry while improving security
  • Establish common standards via efficient design
  • Build a community of solidarity which contributes freely and collaborates for the betterment of the industry
  • Align efforts with business drivers such as expense reduction and operational efficiencies